Ways to help Houston

Here are some of the ways to help, and which organizations are coordinating relief efforts.


RED CROSS: An international network of emergency relief. You can donate here.

UNITED WAY: Houston’s chapter of community support organization United Way has set up a Harvey recovery fund. You can donate online and choose to send the money to specific counties or let the organization decide. It’s also coordinating cleanup efforts after the floods: Those in need can call 1-800-451-1954 or 1-844-965-1386.

AIRBNB: If you can offer up room locally for displaced residents and evacuees, or if you need a place to stay, AirBNB will help facilitate that. Here’s more information.

SOUTH TEXAS BLOOD & TISSUE DONATIONYou can donate here. Local residents can also donate blood in person.

TEXAS DIAPER BANKYou can donate here.

HOUSTON SPCAYou can donate here. (SPCA is an animal shelter and is also taking in stray or displaced pets.)

CENTRAL TEXAS FOOD BANKYou can donate here.

COALITION FOR THE HOMELESS: An umbrella organization coordinating shelters and organizations across Houston. You can donate here.

AND IF YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER: Organized help is the most effective in a disaster. Independent volunteer efforts, while certainly well-meaning, can end up slowing down operations. So if you are in the storm-hit areas and want to lend a hand, register through the disaster portal of Volunteer Houston or All Hands Volunteers, which are coordinating help.

And remember, everything helps.